The two most important questions we must answer:

1. Is there a God (Creator) ?

2. Who is this God ?


Were we created, or did we happen by chance ? Anyone who thinks the latter has more faith than I, and looks forward to the ultimate meaningless life. Only if there is a creator God does life have true meaning and destiny. Otherwise we are just another animal form to live and die without any real purpose.

My education and experience leads me to a firm conviction of the former. Twenty years in medical practice preceded by twelve years of college and postgraduate education, mostly in the natural sciences convince me that we did not happen by chance, from the "primordial ooze." I was indoctrinated in the theory of evolution and for many years preferred to adhere to this philosophy instead of my intuition. But when studied objectively, the theory of evolution comes into great crisis for many reasons, not the least of which are a total lack of credible interspecies linkages which should be quite apparent and very numerous. In addition, the incredible complexity of human anatomy and physiology, which we are coming to appreciate (yet we only now understand "the tip of the iceberg") could not have happened by chance. Just look at complex systems in biology and physiology, the reality of creation and a creator is inevitable, it would have to be a supernatural being.

"Humanity vanity" and self delusion are the only excuses for thinking that we can or should be able to know and understand everything. The supernatural nature of our creator precludes a complete understanding; we simply are incapable of complete knowledge and understanding at this point.

Have you read the most important and unique book in the history of the world and mankind ? It has been indestructible through the ages. It has withstood all of man’s scrutiny and attacks, and it has been studied and criticized more than any other book in the history of mankind. In the entire New Testament, there are only 40 lines of text that are in question or up for debate, and none of these include doctrinal questions. This book has been confirmed by supernatural miracles, prophecies, and by Jesus. It is THE WORD OF GOD, our Bible, and we are fortunate to have free access to this message from God. Our lives do have meaning.



B. Bibliographical Evidence:

The best supported book in human history

5,366 Greek New Testament manuscripts

10,000 Old Testament manuscripts

The Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1947 have confirmed the accuracy of previously documented manuscripts

I. Internal Harmony:

66 books

40 authors

3 languages (old testament)

Amazing unity, there are no significant doctrinal discrepancies

B. Bible Prophecy:

There are 100's of fulfilled prophecies, many proven by archeological discoveries

333 specific prophecies of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

L. Lord’s View:

Jesus said it was the Word of God

Jesus put his seal of approval on the entire Old Testament

Jesus gave his ascent to the New Testament which was to be written

E. External Evidence:

The writings of others, including Josephus and Tacitus

At least 20 other sources

65 facts of Jesus’ life outside of biblical references

Archeology has over and over again shown the bible to be factually authoritative



The apostles went from shaken, terrified and dismayed after the death of Jesus, to unshakable evangelists, all killed as martyrs after seeing and experiencing the Resurrected Living Christ. One action could have squelched Christianity at its’ near beginning, authorities could have produced the dead body of Jesus, but they couldn’t.


If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I hope you will make an objective study to determine the truth for yourself and your loved ones. I recommend daily reading in the Bible, prayer to God to help facilitate your search for the truth, and Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands A Verdict, Volumes I and II.


Praise the Lord, God be with you.

                                                      Dr. "L"