Imagery or visualization is another method of relaxation therapy. It can be used in conjunction with other forms of relaxation and is a method of concentration on places, events or images to the extent of partial or complete absorption mentally. Deep breathing, muscle relaxation and imagery can be used together to reach deep relaxation states. Please remember that we are constantly inundated in our world with stimuli which cause stress reactions. We have to provide our own stimuli to cause relaxation. Unfortunately, in many peoples' lives, stress reactions take over, and since we get good at what we practice, and we practice reaction to stress, we develop strong responses in this direction. It is our responsibility to do the opposite and to develop strong relaxation responses. This clearly is a situation where no one can do this for you. You must do this for yourself. Remember we get good at what we practice. I can't say that enough. Practice relaxation to get good at it. When you have a habitually strong relaxation response, you will be able to control stress and anxiety much better.

There are many books authored by diverse people discussing research and personal experience with imagery and self-hypnosis and other relaxation techniques. This is an adventure that you must take for yourself. Pick out some specific books, perhaps books on tape or CD, and start the process of self-education. Practice the techniques, and incorporate them as an important part of your life.