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E. Franklin Livingstone, MD, MRM, FAAPM&R, FAADEP,

                                            FACFE, DAAPM, DACFM

E-MAIL: Eflmd@msn.com


My philosophy in the practice of medicine is to exhort and enable you.

My goal is to help you to help yourself reach the best quality of life that is available to you.

I exhort you to educate yourself, to eliminate maladaptive behavior patterns, and to develop habitual beneficial behaviors that will lead to reduced or resolved pain and disability.

I endeavor to enable you with pertinent information, products and opportunities.

The information and opportunities presented here may be of great value to you, but I cannot diagnose your problems over the telephone or internet. You must seek diagnosis and guidance from a competent health care professional, and discuss information and treatments with him or her before proceeding.

While it does not say in the bible: "God helps those who help themselves," I've seen many patients overcome great adversity with determined effort and the grace of God. I am wishing you great success in managing, reducing or resolving any physical, emotional or spiritual problems that you may have. I hope that this website is of help to you.


E. Franklin Livingstone, M.D.

Dr. "L"