There has been increasing interest in the use of magnets for health and pain treatment. Unfortunately, as yet there has been no sound scientific research to prove its' therapeutic benefit. However, there is increasing anecdotal evidence for the use of magnets in pain relief.

Before proceeding, however, a word of caution. It is believed that biomagnets should never be used when there is a pacemaker or other metal implants present. In addition, they should not be used during pregnancy or if there is a history of seizure or epilepsy, when taking anticoagulant medications (blood thinners), over open wounds or if there is internal bleeding. In addition, care should be taken when using biomagnets with infants and children particularly over their eyes, brain and heart.

With this in mind, let me give you some information about magnets. There are many types and sizes of biomagnets. There are magnetic mattresses and pads for sleeping and resting on, there are magnets imbedded in shoe inserts, there are all sizes and shapes of pads and body wraps with imbedded magnets to provide magnet therapy over just about any part of the body. There are block magnets that can be used under mattresses, pillows or seat cushions and back supports that have imbedded magnets or magnets that can be inserted in appropriate slots. In addition, there is magnetic jewelry that can be worn.

Magnet power is measured in terms of "gauss." The higher the "gauss" rating, the higher the strength of the magnet. The measurement itself depends upon the size, shape, polarity and the type of magnetic material. Some experts believe when using biomagnets for therapeutic reasons, one should start at a low gauss rating and gradually increase the strength of the magnets.

In terms of taking care of biomagnets, common sense will prevail. They should not be treated roughly, exposed to strong electrical or magnetic fields nor to high temperatures and one should remember that magnets can cause damage to credit cards, computer hard drives and compact disc, to name a few.

Although not proven scientifically yet and still controversial, the effects of biomagnets to improve health and reduce pain are still uncertain. It has been suggested that they can restore cellular magnetic balance, improve circulation, positively effect acid base balance within cells, influence the production of hormones, and influence the migration of calcium ions to support bone growth in healing and health and function of nervous tissue. For those who subscribe to Eastern philosophy of health and medicine, the North Pole corresponds to negative polarity and the yin, and the South Pole to positive polarity and the yang.

Many persons using magnets have reported significant reduction of pain and other ailments with no other explanation of the improvement. At least biomagnets seem to be safe and non-invasive and do not require the use of medications. If you would like to try using biomagnets, we recommend you discuss this with your physician to make sure there are no contraindications for the use of biomagnets in your particular bioscheme.